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Raffaele Di Fuccio

Raffaele Di Fuccio

Project Manager & Founder

is the CEO and Project Manager of the Company.
Raffaele Di Fuccio is a biomedical engineer, PhD in the University of Naples – Federico II in Human Mind and Gender Studies. His research interests focus on the advanced teaching/learning technologies and applications; Tangible User Interfeces (TUIs) with a multisensory approach in the education, and on the development of artificial intelligence models and algorithms for classification.
He collaborated in many projects in the FP7 program for Xiwrite srl (CONVERGENCE, OPTIMI,
N€UROMED) regarding mainly management and coordination issues. In addition, coordinated as Project Manager, an LLP-Comenius project called Block Magic ( behalf of Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of Italian National Research Council (CNR). In the 2017 he won the prize of the International ASLERD Student Contest for the best “People Centered Smart Learning Ecosystem” prototype.
Nowadays, Raffaele Di Fuccio manages for the SMARTED srl three EU Funded project in the
Erasmus Plus Programme (ACCORD, DoCENT, ALEAS, EULALIA).

Now he is researcher at the University of Foggia as professor in Special Pedagogy.

Franco Rubinacci

Franco Rubinacci


is the legal representative of Smarted srl. He is a psychologist that works mainly in the field of learning, education and training.

After graduating in psychology at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, he attended a post graduate course in On-line Educational and Training, at the Bocconi University in Milan. 

He is the author of scientific papers published both nationally and internationally. He has consolidated experience in schools and science centers as an external expert.

The research interest and the work activity is mainly concentrated in the field of technologies to support the teaching / learning process and their applications in different contests such as education, training, recreational-recreational, rehabilitation, etc… mainly to promote the learning of soft skills such as collaborative learning, prolem solving, social inclusion etc..

Andrea Di Ferdinando

Andrea Di Ferdinando

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

is the CTO of Smarted s.r.l. He worked as researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of Italian National Research Council (CNR).

His research activity concentrates main on Artificial Life and Neural Networks techniques and methodologies, on computational models of neuropsychological syndromes, on Artificial Intelligence systems applied to videogames and learning processes.

He is author of international scientific publications and participated to many European research projects, in which he collaborated to the creation of several technological platforms for Soft Skill training.

Fabrizio Ferrara

Fabrizio Ferrara

Chief Development Officer & Founder

has a degree in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D in Psychological and Pedagogical Science.

Since 2006 he worked in the research field in some important national and international research centres, included the Second University of Naples, the University of Naples Federico II, the “Laboratoire sur le langage, le cerveau et la cognition” of the “Institut des sciences cognitives” of the CNRS, Lyon, France. He published some scientific articles with international relevance and participated in important European scientific projects.

Federica Somma

Federica Somma

Project Manager

is a psychologist graduated in 2018 in Clinical and Developmental Psychology and in 2022 she got a PhD in Mind, Gender and Language at University of Naples Federico II. Her research activity focused on spatial cognition and Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) to enhance psychological assessment and intervention. 

She has an interest in developmental psychodiagnostics and a master’s degree obtained in 2018 at the University of Rome La Sapienza, with experiences in Specific Learning Disorders field. She is currently active in school screening projects to prevent Learning Difficulties in primary school children.

At the Smarted company her research and work are focused on projects in the field of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), with the aim to develop innovative technologies and methodologies to support inclusive teaching/learning practices (such as I’m in tales and Blue Arrow Erasmus+ projects).


Sede Legale: Riviera di Chiaia, 256, 80121 Napoli (NA)

Telefono +39 348 77 07 925 P.IVA 08599651216

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