An environment to develop Apps with an Artificial Intelligence approach and Tangible Interfaces. More info Here


Create personalized scenarios applicable in different contexts, such as learning, rehabilitation, edutainment, teaching.


Track the behaviour of users

Adaptive Tutoring

Give intelligent feedbacks based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Tangible interfaces

Connect tangible interfaces with your devices

What is Stelt

Smart Technologies to Enhance Learning and Teaching

Psychologists, educators, teachers, etc. can use STELT (Smart Technologies to Enhance Learning and Teaching) as an environment to create prototypes based on a well-known Artificial Intelligence methodology (Agents’ Based Modelling) and tangible interfaces (usually concrete objects equipped with RFID sensors) as tools to support user-computer interactions. STELT empowers several advanced prototypes in the field of psychological assessment, educational games, cognitive rehabilitation and edutainment. The STELT platform is wholesale fake rolex watch a proprietary technology of Aidvanced company. By means of it, Aidvanced can provide personalized applications and scenarios for customers needs. STELT Platform will be licensed soon as stand-alone SDK


The application of STELT in education, psychologic testing and rehabilitation

Block Magic

Revamping Montessorian-like educational games throughout a Technological Enhanced Learning Approach


Testing and training the abstract reasoning abilities with concrete objects and semantic materials


WPC – Walden PECS Communicator Reinforcing the communication skills for children with special needs


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