Elementor #1663


Sniff is focused on the sense of smell and odour recognition. The educational activity involves 30 small bottles containing specific olfactory stimuli that are tagged with passive antennas (NFC technology). The smells are divided into four areas: house smells, plant smells, fruit smells, flower smells. The game features an image on the screen and a synthetic voice asking you to identify the smell that matches the picture (e.g. lavender). The bottles come with a small strip of a specific colour, so that we can divide the different smells into 5 groups based on the specific colour. The colour has no relation to the type of smell. When the user needs to find the smell, he only has to search for it among the bottles of a specific colour. This way the research can be restricted, and it doesn't necessarily include all of the 30 smells. The game has an artificial intelligence module that adjusts the difficulty level: if the student(s) identifies the smell, the next task can be more difficult (for instance, by introducing a multi-smell research), but if the answer is wrong, the next interaction will probably be easier. There are two game modes: single player and multiplayer. In single player mode an artificial intelligence module adjusts the difficulty: if the player identifies the smell, the next set of instructions can have a higher degree of difficulty (for instance, by introducing a research on more than one bottle); if it's the wrong answer instead, the next interaction will probably be easier. In multiplayer mode, several players (2 to 4) can challenge each other in a turn-based game of smell recognition.