Elementor #1658

This is not a fraud!

In partnership with the Associazione del Museo del Vero e del Falso (Association for the Museum of True and False), Smarted srl has created a platform that can distinguish original objects from counterfeit ones, called “This is not a fraud!”.

The tool was part of the Museo del Vero e del Falso in Naples, and it was presented at MICAM2018. The platform, used by no less than the event’s sponsor Caterina Balivo (as we can see in the video) is interactive, and it allows every visitor to learn how to distinguish counterfeit objects from original ones through informative videos and thanks to the direct identification of the objects, by experiencing them with all of our senses, from touch to smell. While playing, the visitor is facing a digital screen, an active tablet and a bunch of objects (shoes, bags, belts, wallets), in both the original and the counterfeit versions. Each time, the platform asks the user to identify an object, for instance: to decide which one is the counterfeit shoe.

Once the choice is made, the visitor is asked to place the object on the tablet, which ‘understands’ whether the object is real or fake: after showing an informative video on how to protect oneself against counterfeiting and what the health risks are, the system gives the final answer, i.e. whether the user has guessed the right object or not.