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Smarted is an innovative start-up company focused on the development of technologies based on cognitive sciences.

Founded by three PhDs in neuroscience, psychology and artificial intelligence, 
Smarted analyses the need for psychological intervention, 
designs quantitative models and develops ad hoc hybrid technologies.

Walden Personal Communicator

Smarted srl, in collaboration with Walden Technology, has created Walden Personal Communicator (WPC), the app that aims at improving the communication initiative of people with language disabilities.


Sniff is focused on the sense of smell and odour recognition. The educational activity involves 30 small bottles containing specific olfactory stimuli that are tagged with passive antennas (NFC technology).


Learnimals is a suite of educational games designed to learn about the animal kingdom using models and cards representing 35 different NFC-tagged mammals.

Inside Me

Still under development, Inside me is a suite of games designed to improve the player's knowledge about the human body. In its current state, the tangible interfaces consist of 21 scale models of bones (or groups of bones) that collectively reproduce the entire human skeleton.

How to...

How to... is a video modelling program for children that shows how to perform some specific everyday activities.

Multisensory Story

An educational activity that allows children to fully immerse themselves into a story through the exploration of smells, tastes and physical objects.

This is not a fraud

In partnership with the Associazione del Museo del Vero e del Falso (Association for the Museum of True and False), Smarted srl has created a platform that can distinguish original objects from counterfeit ones, called "This is not a fraud!"

Multi Activity Board

Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) include all of those technologies that aim at connecting the virtual world with the physical one, allowing to manage the digital component by using tangible materials, that become real inputs to the system. The Multi Activity Board has the special feature of "recognising" tangible materials in order to make educational paths that involve multisensoriality (including smell, taste and touch) possible.


Our approach is to replace the paper-and-pencil cognitive assessment applying ICT potential and using Tangible User Interfaces (Ishii, 2008). The goal is to allow to the patient the execution of the task using tangible objects, but allowing a quick digitalization of the results and standadising the procedure.

Corporate Training

"PersonalityGame” is an emulative and dialogic role-playing game designed to learn the taxonomy of the personality traits proposed by the “Big Five” theoretical model. The game simulates a real-life situation (a job interview for a company): the recruiter needs to asses the personality traits of a candidate during an interview.
The user in the game session, who plays the role of the interviewer, must ask the right questions in order to get information from the candidate about the 5 dimensions of personality, and then he needs to evaluate the level of each of them (low, medium, high) thanks to the information gained during the conversation (image attached)


Playing cards is a way of getting to know the world of numbers through sociality and vice versa. As a matter of fact, card games can be considered a bridge connecting two fundamental aspects of our psychic apparatus: self-awareness and relationships with others. Baldo is a relatively intelligent but emotionally susceptible BOT that allows you to use virtual versions of the “Carte Napoletane”, “Carte di Leonardo”, or mixed decks.

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