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Smarted srl is an innovative start-up company born as a spin-off from its partners’ scientific research activities in the field of Cognitive Science. Smarted aims at developing innovative applications to support people’s activities and necessities in the social-cognitive sphere.
Rooted in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to educational and rehabilitative games (Serious Game, Alternative and Augmentative Communication, Multi-Sensory and Montessori-inspired applications), Smarted designs and implements solutions to play, learn, teach, recover and support neuro-cognitive functions.

Raffaele Di Fuccio

Founder and chief executive of Smarted s.r.l.
Raffaele Di Fuccio is a biomedical engineer with a PhD in Human Mind and Gender Studies from the University of Naples Federico II. His research areas deal with the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the field of education, working specifically on Tangible User Interfaces and Hybrid Interfaces. He has been involved in several FP7 projects (CONVERGENCE, OPTIMI, N€UROMED) and H2020 projects (Sage-Care, Meta-Plat) with responsibility for management and activities coordination. He also worked as Project Manager at a European project in the LLP-COMENIUS call called Block Magic on behalf of ISTC-CNR. In Smarted, he has drafted and then coordinated as Project Manager 4 research projects funded by the Erasmus+ call (ACCORD, DoCENT, EULALIA, and ALEAS). In 2017 he won the international award for the best innovative prototype for the creation of "Intelligent Learning Environments" during the international conference ASLERD 2017 held in Aveiro, Portugal.

Fabrizio Ferrara

Prototyping Manager
Fabrizio Ferrara holds a degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences. Since 2006, he has worked as a researcher in some important national and international research centres, including the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, the University of Naples Federico II, and the "Laboratoire sur le langage, le cerveau et la cognition", a project of the "Institut des sciences cognitives", part of the CNRS, Lyon, France. He has published several scientific articles with an international significance, and he participated in important European scientific projects.

Andrea Di Ferdinando

CTO of Smarted s.r.l.
Andrea Di Ferdinando is the CTO of Smarted s.r.l.. He worked as a researcher at the Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology (ISTC) of the National Research Council (CNR). His research activity is mainly focused on techniques and methodologies of artificial life and neural networks, on computational models of neuropsychological syndromes, and on artificial intelligence systems applied to videogames and learning processes. He is the author of many international scientific publications and has participated in several European research projects, during which he collaborated in the creation of several technological platforms for training on transversal skills.
ASLERD Award 2017 to best innovative prototype for Intelligent Apprenticeship Environments
Raffaele Di Fuccio
Founder and chief executive of Smarted s.r.l.


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